Power BI Embedded, SKU Differences and Cost Breakdowns

Updated: 2021/04/20 – Updated the EM SKU’s to clarify what items you can consume

There still seems to be a bit of confusion about Power BI licensing since the changes made back in May 2017. I get a number of questions about embedding options, were a client wants to share reports internally via SharePoint and/or externally. Now if a customer is a large enterprise and wants to share internally via SharePoint, the best option is Power BI Premium. In Premium you can allocate Power BI work spaces to capacity, so those who log into Power BI with a ‘Free’ license or use SharePoint can see the reports they need. However for smaller organisations paying £3,766 per month is not going to be viable. There are some other options, which is were the confusion creeps in. I’ll be using a very raw measure of Monthly Cost to Power BI Pro Licenses, to show how to get the best bang for your buck/quid/currency denomination of your choice.Read More »

Power BI Custom Visuals – My top picks part one

Recently I presented a talk at the SQL Server Birmingham User Group, chatting about how you interpret information and some of the best practice methods of presenting your reports. I had few questions asked at the end of the session, but got stuck on one, which was ‘Which Power BI Custom Visuals do you use and recommend?’.  I was stuck for a moment and named a one or two, but I do use a few more, so here are my top picks from the Office Store.

Please note, the following list is in not any order of use, but it does seem to be split between OK Viz visuals and the rest. So out of 12 I use the most, 5 are from them, which is not surprising as they are awesome. In fact in adding the links to this post, they have released a new one, the Colour Helper. As I am super duper colour blind, it is very helpful!Read More »