Excel Hell

So got tasked at looking at some seating sensor and meeting room occupancy rate, and was sent a bunch of CSV files. OK sounds fine, however the hell part was it was it had to be delivered in plain Excel. No Power Query, No Power Pivot, No Power View. and definitely, definitely no smegging Power BI. What the flip.

In going through the data I found out that my old Excel skills had faded, and had been thoroughly spoilt by Power Query and Power Pivot, and now going to recommend if we have any further work that the client may have to install the Plugins, and it is a richer development experience, and user experience in viewing the data. Power View, even though it is less capable that the super one in Power BI is still far better than the regular Pivot Table and Chart combo.

So should I now recommend that for all bits of work of this type, I enforce the you have to have a Power BI Desktop rule? Might do, it would introduce clients to a better option, of data analysis and presentation.

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