Cosmos DB joins are a no no a go go

Freeing myself from the shackles of standard T-SQL, I’ve been getting to know the Cosmos DB (Was Document DB) No-SQL platform as a service (PaaS) as part of a number of projects. Me being the data guy was asked to create some queries and just add any value I can to the data side of it. So I’ve been finding out the limits and the approach¬†to doing things in to a bunch of stuff with the JSON files.

So for starters the SQL support on Cosmos DB doesn’t support all the cool things that SQL Server can do, partly since this is a service focused on a different¬†approach. It has only been around for a few years, so the level of maturity isn’t quite there for some of the functions you would expect basic SQL to do. However you can create stored procedures and user defined¬†functions that can fill some of that gap.

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Windows Phone is Dead

Well looks like the Windows Phone Platform is dead and gone, which will please a number of clients I know who this year just rolled it out to their users.

What next, since now there are only two real players in the phone space, Android and iOS? If Microsoft want to control both hardware and software, like Apple do and Google do with their Pixel phones, well they can still do that (sort of) with Android? Samsung do it with Android, they take the stock Android OS and add their TouchWiz layer to it. A Microsoft version of Android? Could be nice with the new UI design they are rolling out to Win10.

Update: They are doing that… great minds uh!