Random Interactions

I was in London the other week, working away from home for a few days, and at the end of a busy day with a client I was catching up on my e-mails in a local coffee shop. It was quite busy and I sat in a space at a bench table arrangement, as it seemed more chic/trendy/cool not to have chairs, and when I looked up I noticed that I was the only PC laptop. The person next to me caught my slightly confused gaze and I remarked ‘What’s with all the Mac books?’ they replied ‘Mac books are more productive’ with a slight sneer at my good old reliable Dell. ‘Really?’ using the word with an inflection that only the British can do, ‘Mac’s are more productive?’ I replied ‘I can’t help but noticing that you are using Microsoft Word, that sort of defeats the point of your argument’. Checkmate!

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